Music of WWII:​ “Der Fuehrer’s Face”

(See my other Music and WWII related posts) – I posted yesterday about the Disney short animated film “Der Fuehrer’s Face“. This video is the Spike Jones and His City Slickers recording that was published before the film and which inspired Disney to change the name of their film from “Donald Duck in Nutzi Land” to “Der Fuehrer’s Face”.

This recording was released in September of 1942. It is a parody of the Nazi anthem, “Horst Wessel Song”. Unlike the Disney version, Jones included a rude sound effect (known popularly as “Bronx Cheer”) every time “Heil” was in the lyrics to show further contempt for Hitler. This recording was very popular and reached #3 on the US music charts.

If you are interested in the WWII era of history, you may find these two pages of mine of interest. 

The  World War II Sources” page is a constantly growing collection of more than 320 links to museums, memorials, websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and other sources with information on the World War II era in history.

The “World War II Timeline” page expands almost daily and shows events leading up to WWII, as well as during the war. Events are broken down into the Pacific and European Theaters by date.

The “About WWII” page is a collection of links to posts that I have made over the years that are relevant to WWII.


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