macOS New App Release – ZoogVPN

Product Announcements ZoogVPN of Patras, Greece has recently implemented a new feature for iOS, Android and macOS apps called VPN on Demand (Auto-reconnect on disconnect). This feature which can be found in the Settings screen of the app and when switched on ensures that your VPN connection is maintained in case of any disconnects as long as Internet connectivity is available. This is especially useful for mobile phones when changing from Wi-Fi to 3G/4G and back.

Benefits of the new feature:

  • Auto-reconnect if VPN connection drops
  • Ensures that no data is leaked from your device in case of VPN connection drop
  • Replaces and/or complements Kill Switch functionality by immediately reconnecting to VPN
  • Uses in-built VPN On Demand feature of iOS and macOS operating systems
  • Continuously scans for Internet connectivity to reconnect the VPN on Android devices
  • We are also working on introducing this feature to Windows desktop application in the near future.

Please note we’ve also released a Kill Switch feature for macOS app which ensures your data remains private in case the VPN connection drops. Kill switch acts as a safety line to ensure that no packets escape from your mac in case VPN connection is interrupted.

To update your ZoogVPN app to the latest version please visit the ZoogVPN website.

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