macOS New App Release – Mailbutler

Mailbutler GmbH of Berlin, Germany, creator of the leading email productivity software, has released a major update to the Tracking Details feature of their Apple Mail and Gmail extension, Mailbutler. The latest version brings powerful metrics to help professionals and teams plan and execute their email outreach. The update is now available for free and is recommended to all users.

“Tracking has become an indispensable tool in the email strategy of freelancers, teams, and anyone working in Sales and Business Development,’ said Tobias Knobl, CEO and co-founder of Mailbutler. “The new Tracking Details brings actionable stats, such as recipient reply time to help Apple Mail and Gmail users understand how contacts are reading and interacting with their message.”

Mailbutler users can activate Tracking to boost the effectiveness of their messages, signatures or templates created with Mailbutler to plan, track and optimize email communication. The new version of Mailbutler introduces powerful Open and Reply Insights in Tracking Details to help users optimize outreach efforts. Users can also evaluate click performance of a specific link in their messages with the new filter option.

The new Tracking Details brings:

  • Open Insights: Number of opens, first and most recent open
  • Reply Insights: Recipient’s open and reply time
  • Activity Stream: Mailbutler automatically logs open activity of recipient after you hit send
  • Link Filter: One-click filter to see how a specific link in email performed

Tracking is part of a wide array of useful tools Mailbutler’s extension brings to Apple Mail and Gmail. Mailbutler’s extension is the best and easiest way for Apple Mail and Gmail users to manage their inbox productively, strengthen email professionalism and reveal valuable CRM insights.

Top features at a glance:

  • Tracking: Read receipts to know if, when and where your email or link has been opened
  • Send Later: Write emails ahead of time and schedule for later delivery at any time
  • Signatures: Professional email signature builder with beautiful templates
  • Note & Tasks: Add memos to messages and turn emails into tasks
  • BCC to CRM: Automatically send a copy of outgoing messages to your CRM service for further tracking
  • Snooze: Respond to emails at a later time with temporary snooze
  • Message Templates: Compose emails better and faster with templates
  • Integrations: Sync emails to your favorite task and management tools
  • Dashboard: Stats and insights to your email performance and productivity levels

Pricing and Availability:
Mailbutler is available as a Mail plugin on the macOS App store and Chrome extension for Gmail on Chrome Web Store. For more info, visit their official website.

  • Essential plan: Free, up to 30 actions for Professional and Business features
  • Professional plan: starting 6.50 EUR per month, unlimited Professional features and up to 30 actions for Business features
  • Business plan: starting 24.95 EUR per month, unlimited access to all features

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