Robots May Change Our Social Makeup


Robots – There has been a lot in the press as to how machines and robots will impact humans. I read the article “How AI Will Rewire Us” today that suggests there will be yet another kind of impact – how we interact socially with other humans. Among the issues identified in the article:

  • our interactions with AI could affect how we humans interact with one another
  • adding artificial intelligence to our midst could be very disruptive with regards to

    our interactions with one another

  • where people and robots interact socially—the right kind of AI can improve the way humans relate to one another
  • adding AI to our social environment can also make us behave less productively and less ethically
  • children who grow up relating to AI in lieu of people might not acquire “the equipment for empathic connection”
  • if we grow more comfortable talking intimately to our devices, what happens to our human marriages and friendships?
  • as AI permeates our lives, we must confront the possibility that it will stunt our emotions and inhibit deep human connections
  • a diverse group of researchers and practitioners—computer scientists, engineers, zoologists, and social scientists, among others—is coming together to develop the field of “machine behavior”
  • sees robots and AI as a new class of social actors

I thought that this article made many good points and should make us all more aware of how AI is going to impact our society. Robots are not only going to impact our careers, but they may also make significant changes to humans as to how they interact.

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