A Brief Coffee Lingo Dictionary


Coffee – As you know if you follow me, I like coffee. I came across the post “Coffee Lingo Dictionary” on the Coffee Made Better Blog and wanted to share it. Unfortunately, there was no “ReBlog” button, so I have copied and pasted the content below. If you like coffee, you should follow them!

If you have ever looked at a coffee shop menu or coffee bag and have been thoroughly confused and quite possibly a bit ostracized due to your lack of knowledge; here is a quick cheat sheet for you.


Affogato: an espresso drink with a scoop of ice cream
Americano: watered down double-shot of espresso
Baltimore:  Half-caffeinated coffee
Breve: steamed half and half and espresso
Cafe Au Lait: a cup of coffee with steamed milk
Cafe Con Leche: ditto^
Cappuccino: 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk, 1/3 milk foam
Cold Brew: coffee that is brewed using cold water rather than the typical hot water. It produces a less acidic cup of coffee.
Con Panna: Espresso topped with whipped cream
Cortado: an equal amount of espresso and steamed milk; slightly stronger than a latte or cappuccino
Crema: the thick foam on top of the freshly extracted espresso
Doppio: a double shot of espresso, or in some cases, a double shot of espresso with a shot of hot water
Dry Cappuccino: Only espresso and milk foam
Espresso: a highly concentrated serving of coffee
Flat White: similar to a latte; just less milk and more microfoam (very small milk bubbles)
Frappuccino: a frozen, blended coffee drink made with espresso, milk, and typically flavored
Latte: steamed milk and espresso
Lungo: a slightly less concentrated version of espresso
Macchiato: espresso with a dollop of steamed milk
Mocha: steamed milk, espresso, and chocolate syrup or powder
Nitro Cold Brew: cold brew charged with nitrogen to give it a creamy, smooth head similar to a draft beer
Pour-Over: a cup of coffee that is made by manually pouring the water slowly over ground coffee to make a more precise, flavorful cup.
Red Eye: also known as a shot in the dark; cup of coffee with a shot of espresso
Ristretto: an ever higher concentrated version of espresso
Skinny: a drink made with skim milk ex. skinny latte, skinny cappuccino


AeroPressa relatively recent coffee invention that brews coffee while being immersed in a chamber that is then plunged for extra coffee extraction. It produces espresso strength coffee
Barista: Not gear, but rather the person that prepares the coffee
French Press: a device that brews coffee by immersing the coffee grounds in water for a few minutes until being plunged with what is typically a metal filter
Moka Pot: a coffee brewing device that often sits on a stovetop and produces espresso strength coffee
Pour-Overa device used to manually pour hot water over coffee grounds that results in a more precise flavorful cup of coffee
Siphon Pot/ Vaccum Coffee: a coffee brewing device that is popular in Asian cultures and specialty coffee shops. It brews coffee by immersion in water and a little bit of science!
Tamper: the device used to compact the grounds for a shot of espresso


Arabica: a species of coffee known for being of the highest quality; most commonly used in specialty coffee shops
Blend: a mixture of coffee beans from different regions
Direct Trade: when roasters buy directly from coffee farmers
Fair Trade: the price of coffee is regulated to ensure that farmers are compensated properly
Organicfewer chemicals used in the process and more derived from plant-based materials
Robusta: a species of coffee known for being lower quality; most commonly used in instant coffee
Single Origin: coffee beans that come from the same region or estate


Acidity: the bright, dry sensation that enlivens the taste of coffee; often more fruity
Aroma: the fragrance of coffee
Bitter: a taste that rests on the back of the tongue from over-extraction, dark roasts, or low-quality coffee
Bland: little flavor; not complex
Body/ Mouthfeel: the tactile impression of weight in the mouth; thin, medium, full etc.
Bright: tangy or sharp flavors in coffee
Briny: salty taste in coffee often from overheating
Earthy: a pleasant soil, grass, or smooth taste found in many coffees; especially Indonesian
Exotic: interesting floral or fruity flavors in the coffee
Spicy: flavors of spices i.e. cinnamon, chili, etc.
Stale: flat, cardboard taste due to too much oxygen exposure
Sweet: coffee free of defects or harsh flavors
Tone: appearance or color of a coffee
Winy: tastes like red wine

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