Do You Really Know How to Learn?

51LIZ-CU64L._AC_UL436_Do you think you know how to best learn a subject? Even if you think you do you are probably wrong.

I came across the article “Learning how (and how not) to learn” which gave me some new insights into learning.

A team of Colorado State University Psychology Faculty has published the book “A Guide to Effective Studying and Learning” ($25 on Amazon) on how to learn. This is based upon their research. This book forms the basis for one of the most popular courses at Colorado State University.

So what are some of their findings?

  • learning styles exist, but no scientific evidence supports the popular myth that “people learn best according to their individual style”
  • spacing out shorter study sessions over time will improve learning outcomes
  • learning improves when you test yourself on the material
  • you will learn better if you elaborate on the material by forming associations

This is information all can apply, particularly engineers and others in the tech fields who are constantly having to update their knowledge. This is also something to share with High School and College students you know.

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