macOS New App Release – SwiftCapture 1.2


Product Announcements Ben Software of London, United Kingdom has released SwiftCapture 1.2, a major update to the high-performance video capture application for the Mac. SwiftCapture’s powerful features and intuitive user interface allow users to create high-quality video recordings, time-lapse captures and stop-motion movies from a variety of video and audio input devices.

SwiftCapture supports any video input device that works on a Mac, including built-in FaceTime and iSight cameras, USB webcams and the popular Blackmagic range of devices for analog, HDMI and SDI input.

The main features of SwiftCapture are as follows:

  • Supports any Mac-compatible video input, including Blackmagic devices
  • Supports any Mac-compatible audio input
  • Records standard MOV and MP4 movie files, which have a wide compatibility
  • Timelapse and stop-motion capture features
  • Hardware-accelerated video encoding
  • Easy image capture, including copy-and-paste and drag-and-drop
  • Image adjustments: brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness
  • Ability to add a text overlay, for example, date and time
  • Applescript control for automation

New features in this version are as follows:

  • Compatible with macOS 10.14 “Mojave”
  • More reliable audio capture from Blackmagic devices
  • Improved video frame timings from Blackmagic devices
  • Automatic video format detection for Blackmagic devices
  • Improved audio/video synchronization
  • Efficiency improvements resulting in lower CPU usage
  • AppleScript enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Pricing and Availability:
SwiftCapture costs GBP 29 (approx. USD $38) for a single-user license and GBP 399 (approx. USD $530) for a site license through the website. A 30-day fully-functional trial version of SwiftCapture is available for download.

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