Mac & iOS App Sale

Product Announcements 12-Star Apps of Belgium, Europe unveils its app selection and promotions for the holiday season starting today, December 20th, and ending on January 2nd at midnight, featuring apps of all categories that made it under the 12-Star Christmas tree. This new roundup again wishes to overcome language and market challenges by bringing together 24 apps made by passionate European indie developers from 9 different countries:

iOS apps:

  • Semonto by CodingMammoth (BEL) > now 9,75 Euro/$9.75 (35% Off)
  • Hydra by Creaceed SPRL (BEL) > now 3,49 Euro/$2.99 (35% Off)
  • Prizmo Go by Creaceed SPRL (BEL) > now 3,49 Euro/$2.99 (35% Off)
  • Grafio by Ten Touch Ltd. (BGR) > now 8,99 Euro/$7.99 (20% Off)
  •  iStopMotion for iPad by Boinx Software (DEU) > now 8,99Euro/$7.99 (50% Off)
  • Streets by FutureTap GmbH (DEU) > now 1,09 Euro/$0.99 (50% Off)
  • Planny 2 by Kevin Reutter (DEU) > now 4,99 Euro/$3.99 (45% Off)
  • PocketCAS by Daniel Alm (DEU) > now 9,99 Euro/$8.99 (50% Off)
  • Working Copy by Applied Phasor (DNK) > now 12,99 Euro/$11.99 (25% Off)
  • Tayasui Color by Tayasui (FRA) > now FREE
  • Tayasui Blocks by Tayasui (FRA) > now FREE
  • Money by Jumsoft (LTU) > now 1,09 Euro/$0.99 (70% Off on Standard IAP)
  • Future by Matic Leban (SLO) > now 1,09 Euro/$0.99 (50% Off)

Mac apps:

  • QuickScale by CodingMammoth (BEL) > now 1,09 Euro/$0.99 (70% Off)
  • Hydra by Creaceed SPRL (BEL) > now 27,99 Euro/$24.99 (50% Off)
  • FotoMagico 5 Pro by Boinx Software (DEU) > now 79,99Euro/$79.99 (20% Off)
  • PocketCAS by Daniel Alm (DEU) > now 14,99 Euro/$13.99 (50% Off)
  • NotePlan by NotePlan (DEU) > now 13,99 Euro/$12.99 (35% Off)
  • PDF Watermarker by seense (FRA) > now 7,99 Euro/$6.99 (60% Off)
  • Money by Jumsoft (LTU) > now 16,99 Euro/$14.99 (40% Off on Standard IAP)
  • Workspaces by Apptorium (POL) > now 6,99 Euro/$5.99 (35% Off)
  • Expressions by Apptorium (POL) > now 2,29 Euro/$1.99 (65% Off)
  • GIF’ted by Bitfield AB (SWE) > now 6,75 Euro/$6.75 (25% Off)
  • Submerge by Bitfield AB (SWE) > now 15 Euro/$15 (25% Off)

Pricing and Availability
App listing is available on the 12-Star Apps website. Apps are sold either through Apple’s App Store/Mac App Store or directly from developers’ website (Mac apps only). The 2018 Christmas Special featuring takes place from Thursday, December 20th to Tuesday, January 2nd (ending at 23:59 GMT 1). Apps are offered for an ephemeral special pricing, with discounts of up to 70%. Some apps are also free for a limited time. All the apps featured on the website can be purchased individually.

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