Automation the End of Coffee?

Coffee, Robots – I came across the article “The rise of robots might make coffee obsolete, according to RBC analysts” today and found it to have some interesting points. Among the points brought up by the article:

  • $2 trillion in annual US wages could be affected by automation, RBC says in a new report
  • RBC analysts argue that the loss of “grunt work” means that people will no longer need caffeine in 2025 in the same way they do in 2018
  • a less obvious outcome of the robot takeover: coffee and other caffeinated drinks becoming obsolete
  • RBC analysts predict that every industry will be impacted by the rise of AI and automation. On the positive side of the equation, AI can be used to reduce costs and personalize products. On the negative side, AI might help make privacy obsolete and hasten the loss of middle-class jobs, which can in turn feed into the rise of authoritarianism.

Most of what is in this article is not new. The prediction of middle-class job loss is pretty consistent with articles on the growth of AI and automation. The prediction of coffee becoming outmoded seems extreme to me. But then I drink it because I like it.

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