Will AI and Automation Cut or Create Jobs?

Robots – I came across the article “In the Coming Automated Economy, People Will Work for AI” and thought it had some good points to share. Some of the most interesting points in my opinion:

  • Many experts believe that AI will also make inroads on white-collar jobs, and say the transition to an AI economy will put vast swaths of people out of work. Kai-Fu Lee, the former head of Google China, recently predicted that 50 percent of the world’s jobs are in danger.
  • Techno-optimists argue that as AI does away with some jobs, it will create new ones
  • Prepping data for AI is certainly a [job] growth area
  • new-style jobs that will be created by AI and automation: part-time, paid based on tasks completed, without benefits
  • cloud labor and microtasking jobs are a boon for people with limited income opportunities in their area
  • Not everyone agrees that the move to an AI economy is going to cause an employment crisis
  • Robert Atkinson, president of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), a nonprofit public policy group, argues that while there will be job losses, growth in existing occupations will more than make up the difference

There is no real way to predict how AI and automation will impact jobs. Certainly this, like many other articles, cite those on both sides of the argument. The only thing we can do is to be prepared and take career options that will provide the most protection.

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