macOS New App Release – Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 7.2.5


Product Announcements mDecks Music LLC of Coral Springs, Florida has released Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 7.2.5, an important update to their interactive music theory app for macOS. Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro was developed exclusively to study tonal harmony, cadences, chords and chord-scales, all accompanied by 7 workbooks to teach and study tonal harmony.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro has been envisioned as auxiliary material in the study of Tonal Harmony. The main objective of this app is to provide the student, teachers, composers and/or songwriters with a tool that will aid them in hearing, analyzing, foreseeing and composing harmonic progressions without struggle, in all keys alike. Study Tonal Harmony in different styles: Classical, Jazz, Rock/Pop, Blues, Gospel, Contemporary and more.

The map has seven levels of complexity, from the basic diatonic neighborhood advanced secondary functions in major and minor modes and is viewable in all 12 keys and enharmonic spellings, plus a functional view (relative to the tonic). Each level is also accompanied by its respective workbook available at for further study and research.

Create your own progressions and workouts or download progressions book files with, tonal harmony progressions, jazz theory progressions and workouts, or entires song progressions. View their harmonic analysis in different formats which you can view in any key and print:

7 Map Levels:

  1. Basic Diatonic functions
  2. IIIm and Deceptive Cadences
  3. SubV7 and Neapolitan sixth (N6)
  4. Secondary Dominants
  5. Blues and other modes
  6. Advanced Secondary Dominants
  7. Complete Map with all functions

10 Map Layouts for different styles:

  1. Jazz Standard
  2. Blues
  3. Late Baroque – Early Classical
  4. Late Classical
  5. Romanticism
  6. Pop/Rock
  7. Gospel
  8. Contemporary Pop/Rock
  9. Quartal Music
  10. All Possibilities

9 Staff Layout Templates (and you can create your own):

  1. Full Analysis
  2. Analysis without scales
  3. Omit Functional Analysis
  4. Only Functional Analysis
  5. Lead Sheet Standard
  6. Lead Sheet Large
  7. Lead Sheet Small
  8. Smaller Tonal Harmony Worksheet
  9. Tonal Harmony Worksheet

Version 7.2.5 sports a new Reharmonizer to create a reharmonization of the current progression. There are also new Play-along Styles: These new styles (starting with Z) will favor playing all the chord changes in the progression at all times. The other styles use a more loose approach, sometimes leaving some chord changes out to balance spacing in the bass & piano accompaniment. There is also new Auto-Spacing. Users can enable auto-spacing (progression panel’s top menu) to automatically space chords appart avoiding overlapping in dense scores. Disable auto-spacing to evenly space quarter notes and measures. Play-along style now changes atuomatically to the default for that song when loading.

Play-along in different Styles such as Jazz, Blues, Bossa, Rock/Pop. Choose tempo, adjust volumes, reverb, or apply a limiter to any of the instruments. Mapping Tonal Harmony will play the functions using 3 to 6 voices, resolve voice-leading, add tensions for jazz using customizable voicing creation rules or using just chord-tones for classical progressions. You can adjust the volume of each voice independently, and use a bass sound on the lowest note if you like.

Create workouts in just one click to practice progressions in all twelve keys. View the voicings in standard music notation or in the piano keyboard. View the chord-scale and identify chord-tones, tensions and avoid notes. The score editor has all the necessary tools to create a complete song-form, including sections, repeats, DS. al Coda, Fine, First Endings, direct modulations and common-tone modulations

Save your songs to the catalog or export entire progressions-books and share them with other Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro users. Transpose your progression to any key and print it using any of the preloaded layouts or create your own.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.12 or later
  • 64-bit processor
  • 116.3 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro 7.2.5 is $29.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Music category.

Hot Coffee Better for You than Cold Brewed


Coffee – Personally I like hot coffee. Now there is some scientific proof that hot coffee is better for you than the ever more popular cold brewed coffee. I read that today in the article “Hot brew coffee has higher levels of antioxidants than cold brew“. Specifically:

the researchers [from Philadelphia University & Thomas Jefferson University] found that hot-brewed coffee has higher levels of antioxidants, which are believed to be responsible for some of the health benefits of coffee.

Their report was published Oct. 30 in Scientific Reports (Scientific Reports is an online multidisciplinary, open access journal from the publishers of Nature) “Acidity and Antioxidant Activity of Cold Brew Coffee“.

So buy some freshly roasted coffee beans, grind them yourself, and brew up some healthy coffee!

macOS New App Release – Currency Assistant 3.3


Product Announcements MaBaSoft of Milano, Italy has released Currency Assistant 3.3, the latest version of their currency converter for macOS. Currency Assistant allows users to easily calculate conversions between 174 world currencies (all major circulating currencies plus the 19 Eurozone legacy currencies) and updates exchange rates automatically over the Internet. Version 3.3 solves the incompatibilities with macOS 10.4 Mojave, introduces support for Dark Mode, restores the automatic update of the International Monetary Fund rates, replaces the tape drawer with the tape sidebar, and introduces several minor improvements.

Currency Assistant is a very flexible currency converter; users can define multiple conversion windows which can contain up to 24 currencies. Converters are very easy to set up or edit and have an Action pop-up menu to quickly accomplish recurrent tasks, a Rate pop-up menu to view and copy exchange rates, and a tape to log results.

With Currency Assistant users can quickly calculate conversions to multiple currencies and automatically convert the result of expressions. In addition to that, multiple amounts can be copied from a spreadsheet or another document and pasted to the desired input display: Currency Assistant will automatically convert the pasted amounts and log results in the tape. Finally, Currency Assistant can import text files, Word documents, and text clippings containing series of amounts and automatically convert the enclosed values.

Working with results is also very easy. Amounts can be copied from a display or from the tape, conversions can be exported by dragging them from the tape to a document in another application, and the tape can be saved to a RTF or plain text file and printed. Moreover, configurable Copy Special commands allow users to copy results including ISO code, currency name, or symbol and quickly copy frequently used text snippets containing conversion results, ISO codes, currency names, and symbols.

Managing currencies is simple and straightforward with Currency Assistant. The Currencies window allows users to quickly search, sort, edit, batch edit, and restore currencies, set a base currency, and automatically update exchange rates. Currency Assistant uses the rates published by the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and the Bank of Italy to automatically update exchange rates.

Language Support: US English, German, French, Dutch, and Italian

System Requirements: macOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, or 10.14 (Mojave)

Pricing and Availability:
Currency Assistant 3.3 is now 50% off and available for just $8.95 (USD) for new users or $4.95 (USD) for Euro Assistant Pro registered users. Version 3.3 is a free update for registered version 3 users. Site and world-wide licenses are also available. Purchase through the website.

Listen to Orson Welles’ “War of the Worlds”

I always liked H. G. Wells’ “War of the Worlds“. I read the novel many years ago. I had never heard this famous radio play version in its entirety. The original broadcast was made on Halloween eve in 1938. Many who listened to the dramatization believed that Earth truly was being invaded and caused some panic amongst the listeners.

If you like Science Fiction, especially vintage science fiction, you will enjoy listening to this recording.

macOS New App Release – Image Resizer Tech 1.2

Product Announcements – Orange Studio of Ukraine has released Image Resizer Tech 1.2, the macOS application for resizing images. In addition, the app cleans metadata (information about the date, camera), and optimizes quality. It could be very helpful for content managers to resize images before uploading them to the server in some cases for frontend developers as well.

And just a handy tool to use at home. You can resize the bunch of your large images in seconds and save them to archive or rewrite. Initially, we made it for internal use, though realized that it could work for everyone.

We hadn’t found an ideal and clean solution for our use case – to resize batches of images on the Mac (some apps with ugly designs, others – provide a bunch of options and are difficult to use). So we created our own.

3 simple steps and you’ve done it:

  1. Drop images.
  2. Select quality, max-width and save options
  3. Press “Ressize” and That’s it!

Main Features:

  • Resize images to max-width
  • Mojave Dark theme support
  • Folders Support
  • Notifications

The application implements material design and clean appearance of the macOS system. When all images are resized, the user receives a notification, which can be turned off. We are thinking about new features – the main goal is to make it more useful for users and still have simple and natural settings.

We are pleased to provide such a convenient and reliable tool for macOS users. We will also be glad to hear your opinion about the product and features that need to be implemented. We are currently providing it for free in the App Store, and are considering making it free with in-app purchases.

Example Minimum Requirements:

  • Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or higher
  • 80 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
Image Resizer Tech 1.2 is free and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photography category.