macOS New App Release – ConceptDraw OFICE v5

Product Announcements CS Odessa of Odessa, Ukraine is proud to announce that ConceptDraw users can soar to new heights of productivity with Mojave compatibility. ConceptDraw OFICE v5 is already well known to Mac users as the premier cross-platform solution for business diagramming, mind-mapping, and project management.

The release date of latest macOS operating system, Mojave was announced at Apple’s big annual iPhone event. Apple confirmed the “coming this fall” release and announced its official drop date: September 24, 2018. CS Odessa’s developers’ team still committed to supporting their customers despite the ever-changing technological landscape. The entire suite of ConceptDraw OFFICE v5 products, including DIAGRAM v12, MINDMAP v10, and PROJECT v9, are ready to run stably on macOS 10.14, delivering the full range of functionality and integration users have come to expect from the ConceptDraw software.

Gregory Zhukov, Chief Executive Officer of CS Odessa, comments: “We anticipate that there will be a considerable upgrade of our macOS users to Mojave because of improved security and the set of important enhancements, Apple provided for Mac users. With a large number of macOS users, we feel it is important to have ConceptDraw compatibility at the same time as the Mojave rollout.”

For users of the latest versions of ConceptDraw products to pick up the Mojave compatible updates, it is enough to run the update function in ConceptDraw STORE. It is that simple to get the latest and freshest of the ConceptDraw products. Plus, at the same time it, is possible to pick up all of the newest add-ons that are available in ConceptDraw Solutions.

For users of the previous versions of ConceptDraw products, CS Odessa provides the opportunity to purchase the latest versions at a competitive upgrade cost.

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