Do You Need Or Even Want Protein in Your Coffee?


Coffee – I drink my coffee for . . . well, the coffee. Others though seem to want to combine their coffee drinking with packing in the protein. At least that is what the article “10 easy ways to add protein to your coffee” leads you to believe.

So what might you choose to add to your coffee? Here is their list:

  1. butter
  2. raw egg
  3. whey protein
  4. collagen powder
  5. high-protein creamers
  6. soy milk
  7. peanut butter
  8. nut butter and non-dairy milk
  9. dried mushrooms
  10. spirulina algae

Hmmm . . . I am not sure about this list myself. I have heard of “bulletproof” coffee made with butter, but never tried it. The rest of that list, other than the peanut butter, I think I will pass on.

Would you want these additives in your coffee? Personally I like mine black with no additives.

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