Are You a Seasonal Reader?


Reading – I saw another blogger post about ‘Seasonal Reading’ and thought that was a good brief topic. By Seasonal Reading I mean do you save or search for novels related to upcoming holidays. For instance, with Halloween coming up in a few weeks, are you looking to read scary a scary novel or one written around the Holiday?

I would guess the main holidays for your reading focus would be Halloween, Christmas and maybe Valentines Day. Others might include Thanksgiving, Memorial Day and Fourth of July.

Do you try to find books to read for specific holidays?

I have to say that I don’t. I have a queue of books to read (sadly up to 40 deep at the moment) and I just generally pull from the top of that list.

This is my official first post for #Blogtober. Blogtober is a challenge for bloggers to write a post every day of the month and use the #Blogtober hashtag with it. So I guess I only have 29 more to go (I posted yesterday, but without the hashtag).

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