Optimizing Your Coffee Consumption


Coffee – I came across the article “How to optimize caffeine (and improve your productivity)” today which I thought had many good suggestions about how to drink our coffee for optimum effectiveness. Since coffee and the caffeine it contains gives us a boost by blocking adenosine molecules which make us feel sleepy, it is important to drink coffee before we start to feel groggy. By then the adenosine molecules have already bonded and the caffeine will have far less effect.

In general, the article has these suggestions we should follow for optimum caffeine stimulation:

  1. WAKE UP BEFORE YOU CAFFEINATE – delay coffee until 0930
  2. CAFFEINATE BEFORE YOU CRASH – drink coffee before the adenosine molecules bind
  3. TAKE A CAFFEINE NAP – drink coffee then take a 15-minute nap when feeling tired
  4. MAINTAIN ALTITUDE WITH GREEN TEA – swap high dosage coffee for lower dosage tea over a longer period
  5. BE STRATEGIC – drink coffee just before a boost of energy is needed for an important task
  6. LEARN YOUR LAST CALL FOR CAFFEINE – the half-life of caffeine is 5-6 hours, don’t drink it too late in the day

I think these are all very good suggestions, though I am not generally waiting until 0930 for my first cup. I am up between 0630 and 0730. I like my coffee earlier. While the caffeine nap sounds like a good idea, I doubt that many can actually do that while working.

Overall I do think that most would be better off if they think about their coffee and caffeine consumption instead of just sipping away blindly.

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