Singapore, Singapore – The Fabulous Baker Boy


FoodDeserts – A few days ago when I walked down the Singapore River Walk I passed signs for The Fabulous Baker Boy cafe. It is located on the North end of Fort Canning Park at 70 River Valley Road #01-15, Singapore 179037.


We walked over to the cafe this morning ( only about 0.75 miles ) and were able to be seated. Most tables were reserved for people with reservations. That is something we will do in advance the next time we go. The place is not very big having enough tables to seat about 40.

We both chose to have the “Fabulously Fluffy French Toast”. They have the warning on the menu

(NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED) Sourdough Brioche soaked in a lovely batter made with eggs and cream, fried and finished with cinnamon sugar and drizzled with maple flavoured syrup.

We both agreed that this could easily be the best French Toast we ever have had. They also have some incredible looking pancakes and egg dishes. We want to try the pancakes next time.


We were able to set at our table and look out through the North facing all glass wall. The cafe is situated in a very nice area on the edge of the Park.


As the name implies, this is not just a cafe, but also a bakery. You can see some of their really delicious looking cakes in the photo above. Slices of the cake range from $9 to $10 and a full cake from $65 to $100 (Singapore dollars which are currently worth $0.73 USD each). I would like to try many of those cakes, but that will have to wait for another day. Check out their ‘Daily Bakes‘ for a full mouthwatering, calorie-rich list.

Will we come back to The Fabulous Baker Boy? Absolutely, but unfortunately not too often. This is certainly a place I would recommend for breakfast.

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