The Slow Reader Conundrum in the Digital Age

Reading – I think that this article brings up some good points. I have to admit that I find myself reading quickly through most books, though I don’t know that it is necessarily tied to the fact that I am reading eBooks.

I slow down when I am reading something that I either really enjoy, or which has a lot of detail that I am trying to absorb. The detailed reading is mostly technical Web articles. The novels I enjoy varies, but mostly they are really good SciFi Space Opera, a really good mystery or an exciting thriller.

How do you read?

K.L. Kranes

The beanbag chair crunched as I settled down inside it. Next to me, three girls lounged across each other, limbs swinging with the youthful ignorance of personal space.Woodson Candy purple striped walls shot up from the National Book Festival stage above us.

Beneath a picture of fluttering books, Jacqueline Woodson was speaking about when she was about the age of the three girls. She loved reading and learning. But when she was a child, her teachers thought she wasn’t very smart. Why? Because she read slowly.

Turns out, slow is smart. Woodson, a multi-award-winning poet and writer, attributes much of her success in work and life to her slow reading habit. Her words surprise me, mostly because I’ve never thought much about how I read. I read. I love books. Why does it matter if I read them slow or fast?

The two towers of books next to my bed…

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