Changing the DNS Provider on Your iOS Device

Tech Tip – Generally we all just let the network provider designate our DNS provider. You may want to change that and choose Quad9 for improved security, performance, and privacy for your iOS device. See that link for the story behind Quad9.

Changing the DNS provider on your iOS device is simple. Open Settings ==> WiFi.


Click on the blue ‘i’ next to your selected WiFi network.


Under the DNS heading click on ‘Automatic’ to the right of ‘Configure DNS’

Change the setting to Manual, then click on the ‘Add Server’ under ‘DNS Servers’ and enter the IP address of, then delete the others. Save your changes.

Now you are all set up to use the Quad9 DNS servers.

Unfortunately, you need to make this DNS change individually for every WiFi network you use. I am slowly updating both my iPhone and iPad to use Quad9 on each of the WiFi networks I use.

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