FREE iOS, tvOS AND macOS SOFTWARE for 08/2018


I have been maintaining a list of free software for iOS, tvOS and OS X. You may find some of these programs of interest. I have also attempted to mark which Apple OS the title is targeted at (iOS, macOS, tvOS) as well as the category of the App.

This is NOT a curated list. All I know about these titles is what you see below. None have been tried or tested by me.

August 2018

  1. iOS/Food & Drink – Ginkan, Inc. has released a new beta version of SynchroLife, the world’s first restaurant review and discovery platform with cryptocurrency token rewards. Amateur restaurant critics and food lovers can now earn SynchroCoin (SYC) for their restaurant reviews and photos posted in the platform. SynchroLife is building an autonomous platform with a crypto-economy and aims to be the world’s first truly global restaurant discovery platform. It is currently available free for both iOS and Android smartphones worldwide in over 155 countries. SynchroLife Restaurant Reviews 3.0.11 (Current Version) is Free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Food & Drink category. Download from iTunes
  2. iOS/Lifestyle – Have you ever had a thought come to you while you were in the middle of something else, only to find that when you were ready to jot it down along with the details that go with, you couldn’t remember what it was? It was brilliant, but now it’s gone. Well, now you don’t have to lose those thoughts or great ideas. Now you can keep them, in an organized way, using Kotoca. Kotoca is a productivity app that provides a clean and easy to use interface to help you create workspaces that house thoughts, plans, ideas, lists and more. It allows for easy creation of these workspaces, which are called Books, and to keep them in a way that works best for you. That’s where the easy organization part comes in. Download for free from the App Store. 
  3. iOS/Games – Kart racing games are nothing new to the gaming scene. They’ve been around since arcade days. Kids, as well as adults, love them. All Star Fruit Racers is one of many that we’ve seen make waves on sorts of gaming consoles like PS4 and Sony box to cloud gaming hosts like Steam. Anywhere you play, the game offers up the level of excitement. Download for free from the App Store. 
  4. iOS/Utilities – Agricultural Intelligence today announces the availability of Pocket Agronomist on the iOS App Store, an application that uses convolutional neural networks and augmented reality to diagnose crop diseases and perform automated stand counts. Pocket Agronomist is currently free. Pocket Agronomist for iOS is available for free today on the iOS App Store in the Utilities category. Download from iTunes
  5. iOS/Social Networking – Wish all you want, but until others know what you want, you may never get it, unless you get it yourself. Wish lists are a great way to help your friends and family know more about you, what your interests are and what you may have in mind for your next birthday, Christmas or anniversary. Free on the App Store
  6. iOS/Games – Looking for something new to do at your next function, whether it be at home or with your team? Look no further than Selfie Games.  It’s a new gaming app that involves players ranging in number from 3 to 10. There are no limits to the age; this is a game for all. In a nutshell, it’s a game that’s similar to Pictionary, but involves selfies at the heart of the pictogram. Free from the app Store
  7. iOS/Photo & Video – Looking for a new way to outdo your friends’ SnapChat and Instagram? Well, now you can. TypeArt takes text and turn it into art, static and animated, to add to any photo or drawing you take or make, so it comes to life and ups the interest factor. Sure, pictures are fun to look at, but they become infinitesimally better with captions and graphics. You will be the top poster on any media site, and you will get followers. Free from the App store
  8. iOS/Finance – If you are like almost any other person, you probably have some money invested in the stock market, whether it be money you put in to purchase stock or money your employer put in. It could be in your long term personal investments or in your retirement account. No matter the reason, you owe it to yourself to understand how the stock market works so you can make it work for you. Free from the App Store
  9. iOS/Social Networking – Today, online privacy is a major concern for internet users. Especially after the recent data leaks attributed to leading social media platforms, users are on the lookout for a platform that enables them to be their real selves without any risk of a security or privacy breach. ConnectSocial® is available for Free with In-App purchases on the App Store in the Social Networking category. Download from iTunes
  10. iOS/Games – It’s a marathon to become the first one to reach the galaxy. Totality Corp LLP has released Space Run: Escape Velocity 1.0.3, their endless runner casual game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. In Space Run: Escape Velocity, players switch planets to go light years ahead. Be the best among your competition and travel as far as possible collecting points on your way. Space Run: Escape Velocity 1.0.3 is Free with Ads and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Download from iTunes
  11. iOS/Social Networking – Batelz app, a social video hosting app designed by tech startup Solo Tekk LLC was recently featured on America’s top TV show, Newswatch, that discusses emerging technologies, travel, and entertainment. The video was broadcast on July 23rd at 7AM ET/PT on the much-loved AMC channel that also airs the gripping TV series, The Walking Dead and it could be watched again on online. The app is currently available for Free on the App Store in the Social Networking category and also available for Free on the Google Play Store in the Social category. Download from iTunes
  12. iOS/Entertainment – Vidicons LLC, the US-based video equipment company, has recently launched an updated version of the Vidii – iMessage Video Sharing app. The app enables users to share video clips, and memes to enhance their conversations in the iMessage app, making conversations much more fun and interactive. Vidii – iMessage Video Sharing 1.2 is currently available for Free on the App Store in the Entertainment category. Download from iTunes
  13. macOS/Graphics & Design – Basil Salad Software today is proud to announce the release of BiggerPicture for macOS. BiggerPicture uses machine-learning to increase the resolution of photos and line-art images without causing pixelation or blurs. The tool enables users to create retina-display images from normal-resolution versions, create printable logos sourced from web graphics, or preprocess vintage cameraphone photographs in preparation for photo-printing. BiggerPicture 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Graphics & Design category. Download from Mac App Store
  14. iOS/Productivity – PS it’s our B.V. today released Coin Flip AR, the first-of-its-kind coin toss app for iOS featuring augmented reality. Not only does it allow users to flip virtual coins on any surface around them in mixed reality, but coin tosses can be recorded and shared with friends. Designed using Apple’s ARKit, the innovative app is now a free download on the iTunes App Store. Coin Flip AR 1.1 is free and available now as free download from the iTunes App Store in the Productivity category. Download from iTunes
  15. iOS/Reference – Independent developer, Mark S. Morris is proud to announce the release of HeyVal for iPhone. HeyVal for iPhone adds Stock Sentiment Analysis in-app purchase, free of charge on an introductory basis. HeyVal scans public Twitter timelines for real time discussions about a particular stock ticker or cryptocurrency symbol then performs mood analysis on the results. HeyVal can also evaluate the mood or grade reading level of any individual public Twitter timeline, and text from any other source can be submitted for mood or grade reading level analysis. HeyVal 1.0.1 is Free (With In-App Purchases) and available worldwide on the App Store in the Reference category. Download from iTunes

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