150 of the Most Beautiful Libraries in the World

Books – With National Book Lover’s Day coming up on August 9th, I think that this is a great list of libraries we will want to visit. When I travel I try to visit interesting libraries and post on my blog about them as well. This is a wonderful compilation and now gives me even more places to put on my visitation list.

The Critiquing Chemist

(Suzzallo Library; Seattle Washington; Photo by Priyaranjan Pattnayak)

I’m beyond thankful that the Critiquing Chemist has celebrated two very exciting milestones in one week! Last week was my blogging anniversary, where I observed having been posting for over three years. I celebrated in true analytical fashion with a compilation of statistics, including a variety of pie charts.  This week I reached a milestone that The Science Geek has been predicting I would eventually reach all along! The Critiquing Chemist broke 4000 followers! Reflecting back on my beginnings as a blogger, I’m blown away and immensely grateful with the attention and support my blog has received over these fast flying years! Thank you everyone for your wonderful encouragement, as your interactions have made my day on a routine basis. As I started to near the 4000 follower mark, I started brainstorming as to an appropriate post to highlight…

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