Sage Alexander: The Dark Realm

Short Films – The short (10:41) first episode of the series “Sage Alexander: The Dark Realm” was released July 14 on the TigerBeat TV YouTube channel. This six-episode video series is based on the Young Adult “Sage Alexander” series of books written by Steve Copling. I haven’t read any of the books in the series myself, but a granddaughter has and says it was very good. That seems to be a common consensus as the book is rated 5/5 on Amazon and nearly as well on Goodreads for both books in the series. The synopsis for the video series:

All of Sage Alexander’s training with his guardian angel Leah has lead to this moment, but is he actually ready to enter the Dark Realm on his own? Meanwhile, five more young warriors-in-training discover a portal into the Dark Realm… 200 years earlier. Will this truly be one last adventure?

The video series certainly looks promising. The few special effects shown in the first episode are reasonable. In addition to this just looking like a good story, I have the added incentive for it to be successful and picked up as a series – I know one of the young actors, Ashlea Rae.

See episode #2

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