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FOSS – I am a proponent of FOSS (Free Open Source Software). For one thing, FOSS has a great price – FREE. For another, it is software that is, for the most part, developed by the users. I had come across MacDown a few weeks ago and have been trying it out.

So what is MacDown? MacDown is a simple-to-use editor that allows the user to create documents using Markdown. And what is Markdown? As stated in the MacDown Help file:

Markdown is a plain text formatting syntax created by John Gruber, aiming to provide an easy-to-read and feasible markup. The original Markdown syntax specification can be found here.

MacDown is created as a simple-to-use editor for Markdown documents. It renders your Markdown contents in real-time into HTML, and displays them in a preview panel.

As you can see from the image above captured from the MacDown Help file, MacDown presents the user with two panes in the document window. The left pane is where the user enters text while the right pane displays the formatted document.

Most, but not all, features of HTML are supported. The features that MacDown claims are:

  • Highly customizable Markdown rendering.
  • Syntax highlighting in fenced code blocks.
  • Sophisticated auto-completion.
  • Visit the MacDown Features page for more details.

So why would you want to use MacDown? That is a good question. Most of the time I make notes in Apple Notes. Most of what you can do in MacDown can be done in Notes too, though once you learn Markdown, creating a formatted document is more efficient in MacDown (you can do everything from the keyboard without using your mouse and the application Menu bar).

Once you have created your document, you can export it as either an HTML file or as a PDF. Since you are seeing the formatted document as it is being rendered, any errors can be immediately corrected.

This is not an App I expect to use every day, but it is one I am adding to my ‘macOS Toolbox’ list. I think that I will discover more uses of MacDown the longer that I use it. I certainly recommend that you give it a try.


  • Software is Free
  • The application is Open Source and under current development
  • Markdown syntax is easier to learn than HTML
  • Efficient creation of formatted documents
  • Documents can be exported as either an HTML or PDF
  • Formatted document created in real-time
  • Included Help file with Markdown syntax examples



  • No commercial support available
  • Not every feature of HTML is supported
  • You do have to learn Markdown syntax
  • An Internet connection is required while using MacDown


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3 thoughts on “FOSS Under OS X – MacDown”

  1. MacDown sounds wonderful, and now that I’ve revisited this article, I will download and report back. Cross my heart.


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