macOS New App Release – CyberByte Antivirus 2.1.1


Product Announcements  – Independent development team CyberByte of Bucharest, Romania has released CyberByte Antivirus 2.1.1, an important update to their antivirus and internet security application for macOS computers. The comprehensive security app provides protection against threats by scanning for and removing viruses, malware, and adware. The utility also scans any local network for all connected devices, allowing users to ensure that no unknown devices are connected to their network.

CyberByte’s malware research team personnel are certified in malware analysis and incident response. The team updates the app’s malware patterns daily, based on currently developing malware campaigns. In addition, the app monitors the Mac Download folder, and alerts users if a downloaded file contains potential malware.

“While the Mac is generally considered to be safe and secure, there are still plenty of viruses, malware, adware and other threats lurking on the internet, ready to attack a user’s Mac,” says CyberByte CEO Calin Popescu. “My team at CyberByte has observed a 120 percent increase in Mac malware over the last year, which is why we developed CyberByte Antivirus for the Mac.”

CyberByte Antivirus is designed to be as easy as possible to use by home users, even if they don’t have much experience with computers. The app runs quietly in the background, monitoring for viruses, malware and other threats by constantly monitoring the Mac Downloads folder, ready to identify any malware that attempts to sneak its way onto the machine.

In addition to real-time monitoring for viruses and other threats, CyberByte Antivirus also offers the ability to manually scan any Mac for malware threats. Scanning for viruses by some apps can eat up large amounts of precious computing resources, slowing the computer and taking long periods of time to scan for threats. This can cause busy users to be reluctant to manually scan for threats. CyberByte’s solution quickly scans the Mac’s hard drive for possible threats, while the user can continue to work on projects and tasks, as usual.

Manual malware scans can be made in the form of a “Quick Scan,” which quickly checks critical locations on the Mac for any signs of a threat. A “Full Scan” indexes and searches the computer’s entire hard drive for malware. Meanwhile, the app’s “Adware Scan” function searches for any adware threats that could affect the macOS operating system and browsers.

Free Version Features Include:

  • Virus Scan
  • Adware Scan
  • Network Scan
  • Update Malware Patterns

Premium Version Features Include:

  • Remove Virus
  • Remove Adware
  • Active Live Protection
  • Premium Customer Support

An exclusive feature not seen in other antivirus tools is CyberBytes Antivirus’ ability to scan a local network, mapping the entire network and all of its connected devices. This ensures a hacker hasn’t taken advantage of recently discovered vulnerabilities in wireless network that allow the bad guys to hijack a network, stealing a user’s personal and business information, which can include passwords, banking and credit card information, and much more.

The “Network Scan” feature scans the network and reports back how many devices are connected to the network, returning information about the connections, including IP addresses and MAC addresses. By viewing the information, informed users can detect if an unknown device or computer has logged into their wireless network. For example, if a user knows they only have 3 devices attached to their network, (say, a Mac, 1 iPhone, and an Apple TV), they’ll be able to tell at a glance that a rogue network connection has been made.

“We here at CyberByte know you’ll find the new version of CyberByte Antivirus a valuable addition to your Mac’s protection arsenal,” continues Calin. “Our company provides security consultancy to large companies around the globe, and we give the same personal attention to our small business and home users. We look forward to receiving feedback about CyberBytes Antivirus, as we continually work to improve the app’s malware protection capabilities.”

CyberByte Antivirus will receive the OPSWAT certification of genuine antivirus solution later this month. The certification signifies the app has met all of the criteria designated for OPSWAT-certified desktop security applications.

System Requirements:

  • macOS 10.10 or higher
  • macOS High Sierra compatible
  • 64-bit processor
  • 181.6 MB

CyberByte Antivirus 2.1.1 is free, and is available worldwide exclusively from the CyberByte website. A premium version of the app, which offers additional features is also available for $24.00 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies).

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