macOS New App Release – Battery Health 4

Product Announcements – B-Eng of Fehraltorf, Switzerland has released Battery Health 4 iOS, a dedicated Mac app to read relevant battery data of iPhone battery. Most battery apps have been pulled for the App Store, and none of the few that are still available are able to read load cycles for the battery. At a certain point Apple decided to not make these statistics available anymore. With Battery Health 4 iOS, B-Eng presents a simple and easy to use work around using a Mac Computer. Once connected to a Mac, relevant battery statistics of the iPhones battery can be gathered after starting Battery Health 4 iOS once the app on the Mac is started.

“We had one of the most powerful battery apps available in the App Store, but had to cripple it to comply with the App Store guidelines. Specifically, we were not allowed to show battery loading cycles anymore, which caused a lot of complaints by customers. With rumors about certain iOS version being slowed down on devices with older battery that show signs of wear these numbers have become even more important. Battery Health 4 iOS is a solution to gather these data using a Mac computer.” as Christian Schaffner, General Manager of B-Eng, explains why he thinks that Battery Health 4 iOS is a must have app under certain circumstances.

Battery Health 4 iOS is available in the homepage of B-Eng for $4.99 USD (or similar amount in foreign currency). This useful utility menu item uses only 661kB of Disk Space, and runs on any Mac with 64bit and MacOS 10.10 or newer.

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