Thinking About Upgrading to High Sierra?

The latest version of macOS, High Sierra, is now out and we can rush to install it. Personally, I am waiting a few days to make sure there are no surprises.

Something that you might want to check before you take the plunge is the compatibility with your frequently used macOS Apps and High Sierra. Fortunately Apple World Today has compiled just such a list.

While I am sure most if not all of the issues will be eventually resolved, if you rely on one of these Apps you may want to delay your upgrade.

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3 thoughts on “Thinking About Upgrading to High Sierra?”

  1. I lost a huge amount of information and hard work when I upgraded from Mavericks. ‘Appleworks’ and all I’d done with it went down the gurgler. The nice caring folks at Apple just didn’t want to know …

    I’ve not ‘upgraded’ since and as long as my stuff keeps going, I’m stuck with this Version of Yosemite.


    1. The only issue with not upgrading is that you may be leaving yourself exposed to security vulnerabilities, not to mention not having the latest updates. If you make a backup, using Time Machine, or Carbon Copy Cloner or one of the other available software packages, you should always be able to retrieve anything lost during the upgrade. Or you have the files saved in iCloud.


      1. It was lost in that I’d created/stored it in Apple’s very own ‘Appleworks’ programme. Using Mavericks.

        But the upgrades couldn’t/cannot open such Mavericks stuff. I lost a huge amount of time, effort, and information that no amount of backups could ever have saved (I do back up, but what’s the point, if those goats at Apple do the same again?) So I have never ‘up’graded since, and shan’t.

        In the meantime ‘Works’ was a brilliant programme—but because I paid Apple good money for it and now can’t use my purchase I do anything/everything I can in 3rd party OpenOffice. Not as good, but better than blasted Apple in at least it works.


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