Professional Engineers Day 2017

Today is Professional Engineers Day. Licensing of engineers began in the US in 1907. Today is the second annual Licensed Professional Engineer day recognizing PEs in the various engineering disciplines.

Licensing began as a means to protect the public health, safety and welfare. In most countries around the world, a licensed engineer is required to oversee and be responsible for any construction project of significance. Before 1907, anyone could claim to be an engineer and perform work whether or not they were competent to do so.

I became a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) in Texas back in 1980 and have maintained my status since then.  Becoming licensed is not easy. In general the requirements are:

  1. Obtain a Bachelor’s degree from an approved university in engineering
  2. Successfully complete the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam
  3. Complete four years of qualifying engineering experience
  4. Prepare for, take and pass the Principles and Practice of Engineering (PE) exam for your jurisdiction

macOS New App Release – Moneyspire Cloud


Product Announcements – Moneyspire Inc. of Bellflower, California , the user-friendly personal finance software company, announces Moneyspire Cloud, the company’s new service that allows its personal finance software users to easily share their Moneyspire data between multiple computers and mobile devices. Moneyspire Cloud is a free, safe and secure service for Moneyspire users. Moneyspire Cloud is an optional service, and makes it very easy for users that want to share their Moneyspire data between multiple computers and mobile devices, all with a single click.

Enjoy these features to help you better manage your money:

  • All the tools you need to manage your money
  • A clean easy-to-use interface
  • Split transactions
  • Reconciliation
  • Investment account support
  • Multiple currency support
  • Moneyspire Connect service with easy transaction downloading
  • Direct Connect with online bill pay
  • Moneyspire Cloud service making all your finances available anywhere you are
  • Check printing
  • QIF, QFX, OFX, and CSV file import
  • Customer invoicing (Pro Edition)
  • Mobile companion app
  • And much more

Along with Moneyspire Cloud, Moneyspire personal finance software brings your entire financial life together on all your computers and devices, and helps you stay on top of your finances no matter where you are! Moneyspire is the best solution for people who want to easily organize their money! Download Moneyspire for the Mac. Moneyspire can be purchased from the website.

macOS New App Release – WidsMob Retoucher

Product Announcement – WidsMob Technology Co., Ltd. of HongKong, China has released   WidsMob Retoucher, their photo editing application macOS. The professional skill for taking photos is just one part of an outstanding photograph.

The magic of photo effects should be another important part for any photos. Just find what WidsMob Retoucher can do for any photographer. Before further editing your photographs, users need to use noise reduction software to fix blurry photos first. WidsMob Retouch eliminates image noise while preserving image detail. It also enables users to minimize image grain, JPEG artifacts and other imperfections.

The program deals with Luminance noise and Chrominance noise professionally. Users can feel free to take photos in high ISO or low light environment. As for the portrait images, users can also remove some selfie imperfections, such as minimize freckles, whiten teeth and smooth skins.

Even if a photographer just has to touch up photos for the family reunion, WidsMob Retouch has the advanced photo beautifier algorithms to make beautify portraits with ease. Film pack provides dozens of revolutionary camera profiles to rediscover the magic of stunning film effects.

Whether a user needs to convert photo to different styles of black and white files, or apply the classic film analog effects, WidsMob Retouch apply the authenticity and natural look. It will preserve the high quality RAW files of digital photographs.

Just looking for some additional artistic photo effects, retouch photos with color opacity to make the photograph special. And users can also add vignetting to the image file. What is more, anyone can also enjoy the photos in fish eye view with WidsMob Retoucher.

The program also provides lots of other parameters, which enables anyone to adjust saturation, contrast, brightness, temperature and tint according to their requirements. WidsMob Retoucher is a versatile photo retouching software to beautify any photos in different and artistic ways. Just enjoy the fantastic photo effects with the program now.

Pricing and Availability:
WidsMob Retoucher is just $19.99 USD (or an equivalent amount on other currencies) and is available through the WidsMob website. A free trial version is also available through the WidsMob website.