Web Tool – Accuweather Interactive Hurricane Tracker

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 5.54.14 PM

Web Tools – Those of us living in Texas or the other South Eastern states grow concerned this time of the year (June 1 to November 30) when Atlantic Hurricane Season is at it’s height. This year there have been 9 storms that have been tracked thus far.

Along the Gulf Coast hurricanes can be devastating when they come ashore. Even where I live Central Texas, we have felt the affects of hurricanes more than once. As it stands now, we likely will be experiencing the remnants of ‘Harvey’ as it moves through Texas. I went searching for sites to track hurricanes and one that I found that I like is the Accuweather Interactive Hurricane Tracker. As you can see from the screen shot above, not only is the hurricane’s historical path shown, but a prediction of where it is headed is given as well. You can also look at historical data on other hurricanes.

If you live in a region where you are subject to hurricanes, you may find this website useful.

3 thoughts on “Web Tool – Accuweather Interactive Hurricane Tracker”

  1. Sorry to say that Accuweather no longer has the above pictured feature. I’ve been trying to get to it since before Dorian with no success.


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