Short Science fiction Film “Amendment 10/60”

Short Films – This short (20:43) film was published on YouTube in June of 2017 and was produced by DUST. The synopsis:

In a post nuclear era where owning books is a felony and the intellectual community is persecuted, a group of scientists is trying in vain to find a way to save the world. A Professor’s assistant will be called upon to make the most difficult decision of his life.

There is not much dialog and what there is isn’t in English, but the film has English sub-titles. This is an Alternate History which split from our own in 1947 when the US and Russia declare war on one another. A battle of nuclear warheads between the two wreck the world . The war ends in 1950 and the scientists of the world are blamed for the war. Scientists prove Einstein’s Unified Field Theory in 1951, making ‘curving’ of time a possibility.

While this is a dark film, it is well done. My only wish is that it had been made in English and it was longer.

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