Short Science Fiction Film “From the Future with Love”

Short films – This short (12:22) Science fiction film, ‘From the Future with Love’ – by K-Michel Parandi, is set in late 21st century New York City. The film was published on YouTube in August of 2016 by DUST. The synopsis is:

Capitalism and justice are ugly partners.

That’s the thesis of K-Michel Parandi’s “From the Future with Love.” This bleak short film explores a world where police now work for privatized agencies that offer different levels of protection depending on how much you pay.

It quickly becomes evident that this is a turn for the future’s worst as these agencies resemble gangsters, each with their own turf and “services.” After mistreating a civilian with low coverage, three cops become the victim of the system they perpetuate. Our team calls this short required viewing for its dramatic and prescient message about the state of our justice system.

This film is well done, though it is a dark look at our future.


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