macOS New App Release – Canvas Draw 4


Product Announcements – ACD Systems International Inc. of Seattle, Washington  has released Canvas Draw 4 for Mac. Canvas Draw 4 for Mac is poised to be the most diverse content creation tool on the market, loaded with tools for developing creative content, printable drawings, shareable PDFs, and professional presentations.

Canvas Draw 4 is the one piece of software that suits all professional technical and creative needs, including generating advertising materials, reports, graphs, metrics, mock-ups, web content, floor plans, architectural designs, and much more.

Canvas Draw 4 for Mac – New Features:

  • Presentation documents and slide show with transitions.
  • Type palette now available.
  • Tighten Fine Kerning, Loosen Fine Kerning, and Configure Fine Kerning commands added.
  • Images can be imported from scanners, iPhone, iPad, and digital cameras using the Cameras & Scanners feature.
  • Annotation Lens tool, allows the user to easily callout and magnify specific areas of objects.
  • Smart Shuffle Up and Down features move selected objects above or behind their nearest neighbors with overlapping bounding boxes.
  • The Dynamic Shadow command, which creates a shadow that dynamically updates according to the changes made to its object.

Canvas Draw 4 for Mac – Improvements:

  • Fonts are listed with their glyphs in the Font drop-down menu of the Properties bar and Text | Font menu.
  • The inset ratio of multigons can now be set numerically in the Properties bar.
  • The last-used Combine command in the Properties bar is remembered and can be applied repeatedly.
  • The Preserve Data checkbox is added back so that a selected image can be resized based on a set resolution instead of resampling it.
  • When using the Marquee tool to create an image selection, the width and height of the selection are indicated in the Object Details field in the Status bar.
  • The Radius or Diameter dimensioning objects’ value positions can be adjusted by double-clicking and dragging.
  • Loading compressed legacy CVX files is optimized.

Canvas Draw 4 for Mac is available at $199.00 USD or $79.00 USD/year subscription, and upgrade pricing for existing Canvas Draw owners for $99.00 USD. Canvas Draw 4 for Mac is available for a 1-month free trial. A free download, as well as information on system requirements and more, is available at the Canvas Draw 4 for Mac website.


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