What Can Websites Find Out From Your Browser?

Tech Tip – We all visit different websites on a daily basis. How much can those sites tell about you when you click on a link to a page they host?

It turns out that there is quite a bit of information they can pull. One way to get an idea of the information that can be harvested from your browser is to load Webkay. This web page will then give you a report of the information they were able to pull from your browser.

One way to protect your privacy while browsing is with StartPage.

3 thoughts on “What Can Websites Find Out From Your Browser?”

  1. You would be amazed at the level of detail that can be gathered. They may not know exactly who you are as an individual but be sure all of that information is able to be linked and cross referenced back across many different websites to build an entire demographic picture of who you are as a consumer. The ability to do this level of data correlation is like gold in the digital marketing industry.


    1. I am not surprised. People need to be more aware of what information they are “leaking” when they are using the Web. As you say the digital footprint they leave may be used to make you less than an anonymous user.


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