macOS New App Release – FNAble 2.0

Product AnnouncementsBriksoftware of Erfurt, Germany has released version 2.0 of FNable, a major new version of the function key enabling software now compatible with Touch Bar keyboards. FNable’s acclaimed simplicity, that allows users to use the keyboard’s function keys only in this one app that still makes heavy use of them, earned it its place in the hearts of may pro users. To further honour professional users FNable version 2 introduces support for Logitech keyboards and enables their function keys just like it does for Apple’s keyboards or Touch Bar keyboards.

To allow for even better integration with professional software FNable now ships with better heuristics that detect which application is frontmost and if this app requires function keys.

FNable solves a problem faced by many users, be it professionals that use complicated corporate software, software developers with advanced IDEs or gamers: if the software makes heavy use of function keys, these keys are hard to use on a typical mac because the keys are already used for system controls. Pressing the function keys together with the FN-key is cumbersome especially if the keys are heavily used. With FNable the keyboard’s mode doesn’t have to be switched to always expose the function keys. FNable remembers which app requires function keys and only switches the keyboard mode when this app is frontmost. In all other applications the user can enjoy the convenience of the system control keys.

With the support for Touch Bar keyboards FNable additionally introduces support for the different modes of the Touch Bar. This support allows the user to not only select the function keys in an application but also focus on the application’s specific controls, hiding the system controls entirely. FNable’s simple user interface achieves the switch of keyboard modes with a single mouse click. Other options include a system wide keyboard hotkey and the ability to press the FN-key for three seconds. The option to press and hold the FN-key is especially useful in fullscreen applications like games where the menu bar is not accessible.

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.11 and newer

FNable 2.0 can be purchased securely on the Briksoftware website.


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