Cheap, Easy Cable Tags


Tech Tip – I saw this in a Life Hack article. Many bakery products come in plastic a bags like the bagels and english muffins shown above. Many have a little plastic tab (red and white above) that holds the bag closed. Generally we just throw these away when we are finished with the product. These can be saved though and reused in an entirely different way.


Those tags can be reused as cheap and easy cable tags. I have saved up a few and just today bought a Sharpie Fine tip marker (I tried using a regular Sharpie and the results wasn’t very readable).


I made tags for some of the cables that are plugged in to my USB Expansion. Why would you want the cables tagged? I am often changing things around in my office and want to remove one cable and add another. These tags let me know at a glance what the various cables are attached to without tracing the cable back to the device it is plugged into.


  1. They are free, though it takes time to accumulate them
  2. They do come in different colors



  1. They don’t fit tightly on all cables (see standard white Apple USB to Lightning above)
  2. Colors are limited to what the products you use come with
  3. The space to write on is limited to 1″ x 1/2″

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