macOS New App Release – Copy Fast 1.1


Product Announcement – Tension Software of Milano, Italy has released Copy Fast 1.1 for macOS, their app that allows users to have in the menu bar an handy utility to copy text in a click from files on their hard drive. Copy Fast is a simple and powerful application which let users copy instantly content of files ready to be used.

It resides always in the right part of the menu bar as a status menu icon, ready to be used also when other applications are active. After launch it stays always in background. It’s only presence will be in the status menu.

At startup users need to select, from the Copy Fast settings, a folder on their hard disk as the ‘root folder’ for Copy Fast. After that, Copy Fast will create in it’s menu, a list of items matching the files found inside the ‘root folder’ that was specified, up to 1 level deep, (files inside folders will be listed as submenus).

Selecting an item in the Copy Fast menu, will put the entire text content of the associated files, in the clipboard, ready to be pasted in any application, (also for large files). So as example, if a users selected ‘Rosa.txt’ from the menu, the content of the file ‘Rosa.txt’ inside their root folder will be copied, ready to be pasted for their use, inside the clipboard. In this simple way Copy Fast bring an extended list of contents available to be copied pasted inside any application users may use now and in future.

Copy Paste is fast and powerful. It will rebuild it’s menu in a snap if a user change the root folder or it’s content. Copy Fast doesn’t cache the content of any file, so it will always paste the latest version of the file’s content. Defining the ‘root folder’ is quick too because it can be selected via a standard open dialog or also simply dragging and dropping any folder on the Copy Fast settings dialog.

Copy the content of files you often need to access with Copy fast is a joy if compared to the usual procedure to locate the file, open it, select all, copy, close the file, go back to the previous application and paste.

As an added function, if a user selects the menu item pressing down the option key, Copy fast will open the associated file with the default editor, as if the user had double clicked it in the finder. Users can also specify, in addition to the standard ‘text’ and ‘txt’ extensions for files, which file (by extension) to automatically include inside the Copy Fast menu (when parsing the files inside the root folder specified) Users can also specify to do not show extensions in the created menu items.

Copy Fast is the ideal tool for anyone in need of copying and pasting from a set of contents in various place: editors, developers, bloggers, journalist, scientists and so on. Copy fast is the ideal tool also when users have different application and the only way to import data is via a 2 steps copy and paste. In that case Copy Fast is your weapon to increase you productivity of more then one order of magnitude.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • Optimized for macOS Sierra
  • 64-bit processor
  • 3.0 MB

Copy Fast 1.1 is $4.99 USD (or an equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.


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