Review of “Voice of God”

Book Reviews – I came across the blog site “Voice of God” when the author started following my blog. This is a mystery told in a series of short, serial posts. The synopsis is:

Voice of God is a multimedia mystery about a dystopian future of surveillance. Follow Gaia, her crew, and enigmatic Luc as they set out on a journey to learn the value of truth in a society that seems to be doing remarkably well without it.

The first three episodes of this mystery have been posted so far and they begin a compelling story. Each post so far is readable in five minutes or less and they begin an interesting mystery. The story takes place in a dystopian society, in an unidentified country.

The world is in the throws of an economic collapse. Suddenly people around the world have begun to hear a booming voice from the sky that tells them to be good. No one knows the source and it quickly is attributed to the voice of God. People also start going up in flames. Mostly the victims are those who are known to be criminals or who have profited at the expense of others. Again, there is no claim as to who, or why or how it is being done. An act of retribution by God?

I have followed this blog and look forward to the next episode to be published. This may be a site you want to follow too. Go to


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