macOS New App Release – myTuner Radio


Product Announcement – AppGeneration of Porto, Portugal has released myTuner Radio app for Mac. Besides the main features that are common to all of myTuner Radio apps and platforms: listening to 40,000 live radio stations from more than 200 countries/territories, listening to more than 1 million podcasts and finding the top played songs on the radio, the new version comes with a redesigned UI and it’s compatible with MacBook Pro Touch Bar. Version 2 of myTuner Radio for Mac is now available on the Mac App Store!

myTuner Radio for Mac was very well received since it was launched in the Mac App Store, mainly because of its simplicity:

1) The app can be minimized, so that Mac users can continue to work while they listen to the radio
2) Even when not minimized, the app only occupies a fraction of the screen, which allows users to change radio stations very easily while working

AppGeneration wanted to keep this simplicity on version 2, while introducing new and exciting features in a redesigned UI. The most obvious and interesting feature is its compatibility with the MacBook Pro Touch Bar. However, other features were also added in version 2. Here’s the full list of new features:

  • Touch Bar compatible
  • New UI
  • Performance and search improvements
  • Login
  • Dock icon

With the new login on myTuner Radio for Mac, users can now sync their favorite stations, podcasts and songs across multiple devices. For instance, a favorite station added on myTuner Radio in an iOS and Android mobile device, will be available on myTuner Radio for Mac, and vice-versa. With more than 30 million users in multi platforms (web, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows, Mac, Apple TV, Android TV, other TV set-up-boxes, Apple Watch, Google Wear, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Jaguar and Land Rover inControl Apps, Bosch mySpin and other Auto platforms and home appliances), myTuner Radio is making an effort in integrating the user experience.

From sports, to news and music with all different kinds of radios stations, myTuner Radio is the best way to listen to the radio on a Mac or on any other platform. Users can listen to the best radio stations of their country, or of their homeland when they are abroad. They can also listen to their favorite podcasts, add stations to their favorites, or listen to a sample of the most played songs on the radio.

Feature Highlights:

  • Listen to the best local radio stations
  • Listen to radio stations from over 200 countries / territories
  • Listen to more than 40,000 worldwide radio stations
  • Search radio stations by name or by country
  • Listen to more than 1 million podcasts
  • Listen to a sample of the most played songs on the radio (top charts)
  • Add stations, podcasts and songs to the favorites list
  • Sync favorites and recents between Mac and iOS / Android app
  • Listen in background mode
  • Compatible with Airplay and MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Language Support: English

Device Requirements:

  • OS X 10.10 or later
  • 24.9 MB

myTuner Radio Pro 2.0.1 for Mac is available at $9.99 USD for Mac OS X in the Mac App Store in the Music category. myTuner Radio Free 2.0.1 for Mac is available for free for Mac OS X in the Mac App Store in the Music category.


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