macOS New App Release – Notenik 3.0


Product Announcement – PowerSurge Publishing of Seattle, Washington has released Notenik 3.0 for macOS. Does the Mac world really need another note-taking app? Perhaps not, and yet a new one, Notenik, has recently entered this crowded field. For users seeking cutting-edge user interface design, all we can say is: best move along, this is not the app you were looking for. Similarly, for those who have been beguiled by the notion that a “note” consists of all sorts of odds and ends other than text, Notenik will not be their cup of tea.

For those who can get beyond these two limitations, however, Notenik may yet appeal with its unique set of features:

  • Free and open-source software
  • A simple, consistent user interface that is easy to understand
  • All notes stored in plain text in transparent locations easily accessible to users
  • Notes organized into as many separate collections as desired
  • The ability to add additional fields to notes within a specific collection
  • Notes stored in a dead-simple “label-colon-data” format that can be easily created, read and modified with any text editor, on any platform
  • Simple syncing using Dropbox, iCloud or any other file-syncing service
  • A flexible, powerful tagging scheme that places tags within each note, so that they can be easily transported to any device and any platform
  • The ability to format notes using Markdown, and to convert such text to HTML, for use on the Web
  • An extensible paradigm that can be used, for example, to store bookmarks and tasks, in addition to plain old notes.

If some of these features sound intriguing, then it may be worth a free download to check out Notenik and give it a trial run. If you find anything missing or amiss, then the developer is happy to receive feedback.

System Requirements:

  • macOS Sierra
  • 64-bit processor
  • 200MB

Notenik 3.0 is free, and is available at the Notenik website.

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