macOS New App Release – TextSoap 8.4

Product Announcement – Unmarked Software of Napavine, Washington has released TextSoap(R) 8.4, an update to its award-winning text processing and editing utility for macOS. TextSoap 8.4 adds new current date expansion, support for literal characters in more actions, and addresses a number of issues reported by customers.

TextSoap 8.4 adds support for current date expansion. Previously requiring a cumbersome use of Automator workflows and shell scripts and custom cleaners, users can now easily insert the current date into their text with the help of the new DateNow Expansion cleaner. And when combined in a custom cleaner with Find and Replace, users can specify additional formatting options, including use of the system date formatting as well as common data-processing formats.

Support for literal characters is now extended beyond the find and replace actions. Literal characters can now be specified in several actions where text is entered by users. Users may now use literal sequences in text related to line prefixes, suffixes as well as inserting text. For macOS Sierra users, TextSoap 8.4 takes the customize navigator, individual custom group editor windows and custom cleaner editor windows and combines them into a single tabbed window.

Key improvements and fixes in version 8.4 include:

  • DateNow expansion cleaner added, allowing insertion of current date in processed text.
  • For macOS Sierra users, the customize-related windows are combined into a single tabbed window.
  • Fixed custom cleaner editor display issues with line actions.
  • Fixed issue that caused font changes not to work in some cases where text was previously first set to plain text.
  • Fixed a potential crashing/corruption issue when deleting the name of a custom cleaner.
  • Several additional internal changes to improve stability

Support for using literal characters in the text of the following actions:

  • Add Prefix
  • Add Suffix
  • Remove Prefix
  • Remove Suffix
  • Insert Text

The TextSoap 8.4 update is free of charge to all TextSoap 8 customers. Customers who purchased directly may download the update immediately from the Unmarked Software web site or by using the check for updates option within the app. TextSoap saves you time by automating your efforts to fix all those strange formatting issues you encounter every day when you work with text.

System Requirements: Requires macOS v10.10 or later

TextSoap 8 has a suggested retail price of $45 (USD). TextSoap 8.4 may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Discounted upgrades for existing customers are also available and may be purchased directly from Unmarked Software. Prices for upgrades start at $22 (USD).


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