Remembering D-Day

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WWII – It is that time of year again when I make an effort to see some of the movies that depict D-Day, June 6, 1944 or that period in history. I watched “The Longest Day” last night and I am watching “Saving Private Ryan” tonight. I’ll probably start on the “Band of Brothers” series tomorrow.

Nearly 75 years have past since D-Day and few are left today that experienced it. I’m surprised as how many of today’s youth do not even understand the significance of June 6 or December 7. I am glad to see that a new film, “Dunkirk” depicting how nearly 400,000 surrounded British, Canadian, Belgian and French escaped from France in 1940, will be premiering this summer. I think it will help bring attention to those critical years (1939-1945) in history.

I have an interest in history, particular of that period. I had hoped to visit the “National World War II Museum” in New Orleans again this weekend, but that has now been delayed a few months. I have been there twice now but I am ready to visit again. They have done a superb job of telling the story of both the European and Pacific Theaters in World War II.


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