Living Without Cable

Sadly, a large storm moved through the area on Sunday evening. It came with a great deal of lightning and that took out my home cable modem. We have been living since then without any connection to the world other than our cell phones.

Hopefully, the service call scheduled for tomorrow morning will get us back on the internet and I can then resume my regular posts. This morning I visited Star Coffee in downtown Round Rock for breakfast and their free Wi-Fi.

Other than being unable to post, read email, and see Tweets on my computer the experience has not been too bad. I could have used my iPhone for those, but I am not a fan of the small screen. I have plenty of books already downloaded to my Kindle App on may iPad to occupy me for months. I have plenty of media on my Mac Mini that I can access through iTunes or Plex, so not having TV for a few days is no problem either.

I am looking forward to being back on line tomorrow afternoon though.

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