macOS New App Release – Putty Squad 1.0.5


Product Announcement – Virtual Programming Ltd of Bournemouth, United Kingdom, in collaboration with the UK’s most successful independent publisher System 3, has released Putty Squad 1.0.5, their new game title developed for Mac OS X. The stretchy blue blob is all set to go digital in high resolution by way of the critically acclaimed Putty Squad videogame. Cited by many gaming publications as one of the best games of its time, Putty Squad follows the story of unlikely hero Putty in an old-skool platform-adventuring quest for his kidnapped friends. Putty has the following abilities:

  • The Stretch: Putty can stretch left, right, up and down in order to reach items and drop down to areas below him
  • Lie Flat: What better way of avoiding enemies than simply lying flat against the ground
  • Absorb: Items can be absorbed and used at a later date
    * Attack: Think there’s nothing more shocking than a fist made of putty – Well, there is
  • Inflate: Everyone knows that if you pump putty full of hot air it rises
  • Putty can inflate himself in order to scale otherwise unreachable heights but he can only hold his breath for so long! Throughout the game Putty will be able to upgrade his attacks, which range from a simple punch through to electrifying prods and putty darts. Putty Squad also now has redrawn graphics with three times the graphical fidelity, which means that Putty Squad looks stunning on the big screen!

Game Features:

  • One of retro gaming’s most-loved heroes returns
  • Critically acclaimed platform-adventure
  • Gorgeous 1080p graphics
  • Plays even better than it did originally

Putty Squad has been given a complete overhaul in graphics to deliver a modern, immersive experience. Gameplay has been finely tuned to offer an accessible platform game for all fans. As Putty you can punch, inflate, morph, stretch, lie flat and absorb on his journey through a host of different levels.

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or later
  • 1.03 GB

Putty Squad 1.0.5 is $14.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Games category.


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