Make-A-Book Day: If an 11-year-old Can Do It, So Can You #DIYBOOK

Books – Whether your are young or old, taking the time today to make your own book is a great idea.

K.L. Kranes, Writing Reading Life

Today is a little known holiday called Make-A-Book Day. Apparently it’s always the Thursday of National Family Reading Week, which is always the first week in May. Shocked you didn’t know this? Don’t be. Neither of these book holidays is exactly celebrated far and wide. You have to scroll through several pages about “World Book Day” before you find anything on Make-a-Book Day.

But, isn’t it kind of fun being the person who knows about an obscure book holiday? It’s like knowing a secret.

It also just so happens that my daughter finished a book-making badge for girl scouts recently. I wrote a little about it in a previous blog that focused more on her event and how we destroyed books in front of a library (I know! Sacrilege!) than actual book making.

Therefore, my daughter, who is 11-years-old, kindly agreed to write a blog on DIY book-making based on all she learned. If she can do it, so…

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