macOS New App Release – Banktivity 6

Product Announcement – IGG Software of Putney, Vermont has released Banktivity 6, a new version of their personal finance manager. The new version, designed from the ground up, brings requested features like tags and quick reports, and other improvements making it easier for customers to take control of their finances.

“We have a deep drive to help people with their finances,” said IGG President and founder Ian Gillespie. “With Banktivity 6 we are making it easier than ever to help customers get their financial house in order.”

New Features:
* Workspaces is a new feature that allows customers to put any account, budget, report or other view, side-by-side. This boosts productivity by allowing a customer to see several different parts of their finances next to each other and navigate within them independently. The workspaces feature is the first of its kind in Mac personal finance software.

* Tags allow users to see and analyze spending habits across categories. Now when a person goes on vacation and spends money on dining out, gas, air fare and hotels they can tag all those transactions as a “vacation.” Then later report on spending just for that vacation.

* Quick Reports let users see summarized information about their finances quickly and easily. Customers can select transactions and then quickly bring up a report based on the selection. Quick Reports will also allow users to drill down and get more details about their investments or more details on spending. Quick Reports can easily be saved for later with a quick drag to the sidebar.

* Find is a new, fast and powerful, document-wide search feature. With Find, customers can search for any transaction within an entire Banktivity document.

* Portfolio is a new feature that gives quick access to the performance of investments. Customers can customize it to show investments by account, type or risk factor.

Additional Improvements:
The entire user-interface was overhauled for Banktivity 6 to match the modern experience with macOS Sierra. Customers will find no pixel left unturned and will be treated to over 100 additional changes and enhancements, like a new transaction editor with improved keyboard support, new reconciliation process, a new summary view, improved transaction downloads, more flexible budgeting, easier in-app navigation, redesigned reports and more.

Banktivity also allows you to pay bills from within the app*, schedule transactions, setup budgets, track income, spending and savings rate and much more. Direct Access (purchased separately) and Direct Download allow customers to connect to over 10,000 different banks to download their financial data.

Comments from Banktivity 6 Beta Testers:

“Banktivity 6 is awesome…easy to use and I feel I have a great understanding of my spending.” – Gregory Roth, Minnesota, USA

“Much superior to Quicken, and with a lot of the power I’d come to depend on in QuickBooks. Grateful for the flexibility to create and adapt categories and sub-categories to my heart’s content. Intuitive to use.” – Patty Page, Washington, USA

“Simple, effective and efficient money management – doing the accounts is now a pleasure not a chore!” – R.A.B. United Kingdom

Banktivity 6 costs $64.99 USD. Customers upgrading from version 5 purchased either directly from IGG Software or the Mac App Store qualify for upgrade pricing of $29.99 USD. Banktivity 6 requires macOS 10.12 Sierra.


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