macOS New App Release – BudgetWrangler 1.8

Product Announcement  – Sir Reel Pictures of Three Rivers, California has released version 1.8 of BudgetWrangler, its flagship personal budgeting and finance software for Mac and Windows. An alternative to mainstream financial apps, BudgetWrangler’s focus continues to be on simplicity, security, and giving the user ultimate control over their financial data. It uses a three-step process of importing records from the financial institution, categorizing each transaction, and providing powerful analysis tools so that the user can make educated decisions about their financial life.

Although BudgetWrangler is a full-featured financial management tool, it doesn’t allow complex features to get in the way of functionality. BudgetWrangler is designed to think about finances the way real people do and offers a workflow that provides the user with the information they need as effortlessly as possible.

For example users can:

  • See all of last month’s entries for a spending category with a single click
  • Find a monthly average for any spending category in 2 clicks
  • Make an Import Rule from a recurring transaction in 1 click.
  • Find out what payments are coming up in the next two weeks with 1 click
  • Compare last month’s totals to the budget in 2 clicks
  • See all of last month’s entries for a category with 1 click


  • Understand your finances at a glance.
  • Track every dollar.
  • Sort and analyze your records in flexible ways.
  • Set up a budget and track how you’re living up to it.
  • Create Goals and manage them as circumstances change.
  • Quickly answer the question “Can I afford this?”
  • Set up reminders of upcoming payments.
  • Print Reports for Tax Time

The latest version of BudgetWrangler boasts the use of multiple international currencies, as well as adds dozens of interface improvements.

System Requirements:

  • MacOS Yosemite or greater
  • Windows 7 or greater

For a limited time, BudgetWrangler 1.8 is only $49.95 (USD) and can be purchased from the website, and can be downloaded from its official website.

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