“Star Wars” at Disney

Disney – Those who are fans or “Avatar” get their “Pandora Land” this May when an expansion is added to the Animal Kingdom. The big expansion will open in 2019 when the new Star Wars Lands open. Yes “Lands” – 14 acre expansions are under construction at both Disneyland and Disney World. A new glimpse (video above) was given at the Star Wars Celebration this past weekend at what is in the works.

The Disney World expansion is in Disney’s Hollywood Studios park. When I was there in January 2017 the construction was well underway. This expansion will include a Millennium Falcon that park guests can crew, as well as a rough and tumble village that is an outpost on the edge of the Unknown Regions of space. All sort of characters and strange creatures will be seen here. A good place to find the right ship for smuggling, or for those trying to stay below the radar of the First Order.

I think that these expansions will be a great hit once they open! I only hope that as the Star Wars saga continues to be told, the Lands will continue to expand over the years as well.


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