Mac ‘How To’ Channel on YouTube

Most of us that have used a Mac are familiar with Other World Computing (OWC), particularly if you have upgraded your Mac. I have ordered from them more than once and took advantage of their memory and SSDs when I upgraded my Mac Mini a couple of years ago.

I did not realize until recently that they have an entire YouTube channel of “How To” videos. ¬†There are hundreds of videos available – some specific to OWC products and upgrades, but many others just general “How To” guides. Of particular value are their videos on how to upgrade to to an SSD and how to install memory for a variety of Macs.

If you are considering an upgrade, or just want to open up your Mac for whatever reasons, these guides will be a good place to start. They will show you how challenging, or how easy a ‘do it yourself’ upgrade will be.

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