macOS New App Release – Money 5.0


Product Announcement – Jumsoft of Vilnius, Lithuania has released Money 5.0, a new version of their highly popular finance management app for macOS. This time, Money gets macOS and iOS releases simultaneously, bringing both macOS and iOS version numbers to 5.0. This marks the fact that the apps were developed simultaneously and work together better than ever. With the new releases, Jumsoft have checked all of the customer request checkboxes and brought a completely revamped user interface, 64-bit architecture, and a variety of other new and improved features to ensure Money stays relevant for generations of devices and operating systems to come.

The new minimalist UI is the core around which all of the new and improved Money features revolve. The app adopts a common workflow needed to complete various tasks, so Money effectively reduces and even eliminates the learning curve, which is common across different areas of other financial trackers. The new Money still carries powerful support of multiple account types, multiple currencies with automatic rate updates. The macOS version also brings improved smart accounts and smart data import from a variety of popular file formats (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV, MT940). The new interface allows for greatly enhanced and super-easy to use budgeting, transaction scheduling, investment tracking, and many more features, which have now become much more visual and informative than before.

Complete feature overview:

  • Convenient income and expense tracking
  • Multiple account types (bank, cash, credit card, loan, investment, etc.)
  • Support for multiple currencies with automatic rate updates
  • Reconciliation of accounts and individual transactions
  • Automated payee and category discovery using Foursquare
  • Smart accounts and smart data import (QIF, QFX, OFX, CSV, MT940) on macOS
  • Transfer and split payments
  • Easily assign tags, take notes, and add attachments

Easy budget planning:

  • Advanced budget categories with custom periods
  • Amount averages to help set realistic budget limits
  • Easy progress tracking of budget categories
  • Nothing gets past you – unbudgeted items are also accounted for
  • Easily track budget by accounts, transfers, tags

Smart scheduler:

  • User-friendly planning of income, expenses, and transfers
  • Easy handling of recurring transactions such as utility bills or loan payments
  • Quick access to pending scheduled transactions
  • One-click payment capability
  • Convenient calendar view for improved usability

Rich reports:

  • 15 different report types
  • Super-easy and powerful parameters to customize reports
  • Beautiful visual representation of data using colorful charts and graphs
  • Various report sharing capabilities

Investment tracking:

  • Easy profit/loss tracking for your portfolio or individual stocks
  • Automated downloads of dividends and splits
  • Constantly updated values
  • Visual representation of current and historic values of portfolio and individual stocks
  • User-friendly addition and management of stocks
  • Automatic discovery of stock data using Yahoo! Finance


  • Simple and intuitive setup
  • Secure data synchronization between devices
  • Extra layer of security in case of device loss


  • Modern UI
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Touch Bar support
  • 3D Touch support
  • Notification Center Widget
  • Split-screen multitasking on macOS and iOS
  • Direct Downloads (coming soon)

Money 5 is built from the ground-up using the 64-bit architecture, so it will be just as fast as it is powerful, and support new devices and operating systems for generations to come. Jumsoft have made sure that the new Money feels right at home on Apple’s newest Macs and iOS devices by bringing Touch Bar and 3D Touch support, Notification Center widget and split-screen multitasking ability for macOS and iOS. In addition to these convenient features, Money 5 adds Foursquare payee discovery, which, when location service is enabled, discovers surrounding payees and enters some of their data into transactions automatically, so the user’s interaction with the app becomes even more pleasant and effortless.

Money 5 is now available on the Mac and iOS App Stores with up to 60% early-bird and upgrader discount for a limited time. The macOS version is $24.99, and the iOS version is $1.99. After the initial promotion, the prices will be set to $49.99 (macOS) and $4.99 (iOS).


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