macOS New App Release – PhoneClean 5

Product Announcement – iMobie Inc. of Chengdu, China, an iOS software company and developer of the ultimate iPhone manager AnyTrans and iPhone data recovery tool PhoneRescue, has released PhoneClean 5 with whole new UI and an exceptional feature Erase Clean to remove all iPhone data permanently. As iPhone 7 (Plus) is issued now, the new Erase Clean feature protects the privacy of those who want to ditch their old iPhone for the new edition. By rendering everything in old iPhone unrecoverable before trading or passing it on to others, PhoneClean 5 avoids privacy leaks in the first place.

What you are guaranteed to get from the fresh-new PhoneClean 5:

Erase iPhone permanently to keep you absolutely safe:
Before giving away your old iPhone, PhoneClean 5 permanently wipes everything in it for absolute safety, including photos, messages, contacts, emails, browsing data, as well as your custom wallpaper and ringtones, etc. By utilizing military-grade shredding algorithms, it renders all deleted data unrecoverable even for the most experienced recovery expert.

Shred sensitive data completely to bring you peace of mind:
Apart from erasing the whole iPhone, PhoneClean 5 also allows you to selectively eliminate sensitive data. Call histories, contacts, messages, notes, Safari histories, even the data you’ve deleted previously with normal “slide-to-delete” gesture, PhoneClean 5 can wipe any of them and make sure they are gone forever, with zero chance of recovery by any means.

Spring clean iPhone to free up more storage for you:
As the best iOS cleaner in market, smart PhoneClean 5 knows exactly what files are useless yet eating up your precious iPhone storage, and can safely wipe them out. It even offers a hands-free way to automatically and silently clean up junk from your iPhone on a daily basis, which results in giving back you more available space, from dozens of MB to hundreds and thousands of MB.

PhoneClean runs on both Windows and Mac computers with a Free version for basic cleanup and Pro version for more advanced solutions. Customers can get Pro version with $29.99 for Personal License and $39.99 (USD) for Family License from iMobie online store.

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