iOS “Sleepy Hollow” Interactive Edition

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 9.16.45 AM

I saw the announcement of this interactive book yesterday and took a moment to download it and began to read it. It is a very well done visual extension of the book with music. I recommended it to a friend and her young son thinks that is is awesome.

This edition of the book by Washington Irving has been produced by iClassics Productions and is available for a short time for free in celebration of the authors birthday. As they say “Using the unabridged and original Washington Irving text, the classic story is elevated to a whole new level, complete with artistic illustration, animation, interactivity, FX, and an original soundtrack recorded specifically for the story.

The book is normally $4.99, but is available for a limited time for free download. If you are interested in it I would download it immediately. And if you like this book, they have several other classics they have similarly updated.

Once I have finished reading the book, I will publish a review.


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