Cyber Attack Map

Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 6.39.20 PM

Cyber Security – The company Norse, which is one of the major cyber security players, offers a “real-time” cyber attack map. I can’t embed the page here, but you can follow that link and see it your self. The image above is a screen shot I took as I was writing this post. It offers various filters that you can choose to narrow your view of the cyber attacks being displayed.

As the article “Cyber Attack Maps…Accurate Or Just Eye Candy?” points out, this (and the other similar maps mentioned in the article) “real-time” map is really more symbolic of what is happening than a true “real-time” depiction of all of the malware activity. That said it is a very good tool to show people the magnitude of the cyberattacks going on around the world.

You may want to add a link to one of these sites to your collection of Web Tools.


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